Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Life as we know it....

Baby Ava Renee
My grandchildren's new sister arrived today.
Great excitement all around.

Evan sick as a dog with a terrible type of strep
Hopefully the others are not right behind him.
No excitement there.

Tonight...such great fun at my favorite event:
Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild

We have a challenge re:
Sherry Lynn Wood
Whose story, by the way is just too awesome.
We took a piece of clothing from the donation table.
Mine was the rayon palm trees on orange shirt...challenge is to make a
36 x36 inch square using only old fabrics..not from our stash.
I found this circle print from an old dress at the Goodwill.
I love a challenge like this!!!

Here are the blocks from our purple group challenge.
A challenge it is....Oh, my..
Not my idea of beautiful...
Embellishment? What can I cut them up to be...or fabric to add..etc.
I just love the creativity ahead..
Was someone speaking of Easter???
I saw this Facebook clip...putting chocolate chips in a Pyrex bowl,
covering them with Peeps...melting them in the stove or microwave..
I forgot which...and once melted, scooping them like a dip with
Graham crackers....
Good Lord, I will never lose weight.!!


Teresa said...

Will look forward to seeing what you do with those fabrics. Hope Evan is feeling better today.

Karaquilts said...

Welcome baby Ava! and continued restored health to Evan.

I will let you have my share of chocolate peeps!! Much as I used to love chocolate, well, that one doesn't call my name :):)

But I would love to play with purples ~ ~ ~ and can't wait to see what becomes of the palm trees and the gorgeous circle print.

PLeasant day to you for today!

Kaja said...

I love your challenge and like both the palm trees and the fantastic print you have found to go with them. Can't wait to see what you do next.

Karmen said...

I LOVE finding good fabric at Goodwill! Good luck on your challenge; you have an awesome find to work with!