Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Hope in the pocket

Thank you Eithne...for this darling  burp cloth for the children's new sister.

 Thank you Mick...for making a holder for all of us...even me..for our needle thread.holders..
Then, come the March birthday aprons...

How dear can a friend be??
Muggs made these aprons for my girl and her man
Thank  you Muggs.
Great aprons, for great cooks..
Below...I just found these in my potholder drawer.
One inch squares
It took two years before I could see my dear man out of the Hoyer lift..
The dying  images kinda PTSD you know.
Now I can see him in this plaid shirt..his very favorite.
The I love you Fintan has faded...on the potholder that is
Not ever in the heart!!

Self care...all for me..I will not go down!!
Went to my doc today...she validated my angst...whew...
Going to my grief therapist ...he validates my angst.
TBTG  I have friends who have really stuck by me...
My quilting friends..and blogging friends..
They may not understand....they are.non-judgmental..
They spell love...T..I..M..E..xo
They are lucky me.

More joy..a great talk with my lovely daughter on the phone.
She does not really need a dog...she has a squirrel in her attic!!

And, my son came to visit...and was in great shape..
He is such a great dad...for 3 hours...
Playing hide and seek, giving hugs and kisses..
Putting the children to bed with prayers and stories.
We all love him so.
What more can a mommy ask for??

I love these links.
All about purple quilts...just sayin'

Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild

I am a phoenix...just like my mother!
Coming Out of the Dark

It is good grief counseling that is saving me too.
Gotta give credit where credit is due.


Mystic Quilter said...

Hang on to the hope Diane, it's good that you have friends by your side, and your blogging friends are just a click or two away. Some may not understand, or at least not all that you are dealing with. one thing I understand 100% is PTSD - anaesthesia awareness during major surgery with cardiac arrest and other issues. Keep the picture of Fintan in his favourite plaid shirt uppermost in your mind.
I'm so happy your son came and you were all able to have a happy visit, and that you had a chat with your daughter, keep on keeping on the best you can. Take rest when you can and carry on with the therapy.

Karaquilts said...

Enjoyed your newsy "chat" and the smiles it includes. I, too, am grateful for your network of friends and all the ways they enrich your life and mine, too. Keep on singing with Gloria and sharing with us ~ ~ the days are passing and bringing new blessings as they come.

I believe in hope and encouragement and am so pleased you have both.

smazoochie said...

The long, slow, horribly painful leave-takings our loved ones go through have to leave the survivors with PTSD. I’m sure my brother has it from his short & horrible leave-taking his wife did. I hope your therapist gives you tools to help you.
There is so much love all around you.

Bridget said...

Love, love, love and hope hope hope. It’s been 8 years and I still wonder if I was a good child during my folks’ dying days.