Thursday, July 19, 2018

Cheer up Grandma Day...Didn't you hear???

Using Tula Pink's Sampler book
Here is my block number one..

It took me forever to make it...All about fabric choices
making still another mess in my sewing room
I had become soo frustrated tonight, I decided to do something new.
I asked self...are you having fun...well yes.
Are you using favorite fabrics...well yes...
So what is the problem..?????  Right!!

.Grandma's acquaintance, Pearl came here again today.
I have told her and told her to stay away from me...
But, oh, no...she persists..and always at times when I am a bit on the weak side.

I did not order cellulitis...I ordered..youth like agility,
as I skipped into the sun with my dear man..
I am fighting Pearl..
I have told her that if she does not leave, I will punch her in the face..or
remind her that I live with three black belts..
She stays...

My son is here...He is saving me millions of dollars as he
cuts back trees, removes old posts, replaces rotten deck boards.
He renewed his driver's license that has been lost for three years, he got another social security card..also lost for 3 years...He applied for a few jobs.  Such a wonderful thing.
Lynsey told  me that at night when she is alone, she thanks God for Daddy being better

If I tell my son about Pearl bothering me, he will just say, as his daddy did before him:

Just go sew!!!!

Sitting here at the computer is Grandma O'Quilts and Poor Pitiful Pearl!!
Besides my poor leg...this quilt is the problem.
It has been here forever and I have vowed to finish it....
Finally I quilted it...almost finished, and bound it.
I have some more quilting to go...but I made some mistakes as I am not a good  free-motion machine quilter...Pearl wants me to toss it in the trash!!!  She says it is awful....
Better to just put it away and not pressure myself.
My daughter cheered me with this picture.
At the community garden they met a new friend, watering her garden
Her cat always comes with her..never leaves her purse.

Good  night on a good note!!

Chay please send me your email..I want to properly thank you for your note.
Someone has told me that tomorrow is a new fresh day.


Michele Bilyeu said...

Pearls come into all of our lives, sometimes strands of wisdom but often in the form of chokers. Love the lady with the cat in the bag! Kudos to your son. Prayers.

Chay said...

My email is achay23 (at) msn (dot) com. I hope I'm the person you're referring to as I sent you a comment but not a note?? It might be the same thing. Anyway, Courage! Stay upright!

Cotton Farmer said...

Good for you! Do NOT throw that "English" quilt away. Put it away for now. And keep showing us your great blocks from TulaPink book inspiration. You have such a great way of putting fabrics together. ❤️