Friday, July 13, 2018

UFO and WIP and LIFE

Somethings do not lie.
The date, for example..
My 2012 London Olympics quilt.
Partially quilted..but pushed to the side

Luscious AMH fat quarters bought a few years back..
Starting something new?
 Stacks of unquilted tops
And my newly organized strips from the marvelous K and M team.
These are begging for a funky log cabin.
Sigh...What to do ....the poor disorganized soul here.

Getting my mind off is a great idea ...
from Katyquilts...using ties in a quilt

Now, the life part....
Good Lord....from:Evan, age 13..earphones on...loudly singing rap love songs...OMG

Lynsey, age 9...OMG singing....
You need a tic tac
not just one, but the whole 6 pack....OMG

Lynsey had outgrown some swim I got a few in an online sale.
Of course, free shipping from Amazon.
She is nine and a half...I bought size 7/8 and still had to take in the bottoms by a half and inch.
This girl is tiny...but watch out...she is a black belt , you know.

My son came to visit...He has a job interview tomorrow.
He may not get it because of his history...but still it is so in the right direction.
He is  excited and nervous..He helped Dylan clean his room.
He does so much to help us around here...
I am  grateful.

TBTG  to K and M....I have cleaned and organized my sewing tables.
With their work in fixing and labeling my strips...they motivated me..
Stephanie is doing a happy dance.
I told her to take a good look at it...cuz once I start a new project....It will be so over.
I just cannot believe it, myself...I am so organizationally impaired.

I thought that Susan did a glorious job here on her blog.
Plus so interesting on the history of the Statue of Liberty.
Susan Branch Blog

Now that I have slept most of the day..and rested...
I planned to dye some old shirts of mine...
Here we go again...Where did I put the die??
Where is the galvanized bucket??
Do I have enough salt??

So grateful to have my daughter when the wave of despair of grief
attacks me out of nowhere...She always listens..
So grateful.xo

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Mystic Quilter said...

Oh dear, looks like you're going to be starting another new project!! Fingers crossed for your son with his interview.