Monday, July 23, 2018

Tula #5

Number 5

I am not sure that I will be making any more of these.
The pieces are too little.  I might make what I have into potholders.

Is it widow brain, or old age.?
Where did my wonderful mind go?
It was only an illusion, you say??

If my cellulitis lets me, I am going to Anita Solomon's workshop on Friday.
I have been fussing and fussing about having to buy the book.
It is out of print, but she has some expensive copies left.
The class itself was a reach for me.

Finally, I gave in..I went to get the Kindle edition for $9.99/
Amazon's message to me..You already bought that book in April????

Thanks to all my blogging friends who sent me emails to lift me up.
It has been 7 days and I am better,  but not fixed yet..
I am reminded that, I called the doctor
three days after my shoulder operation...complaining that I still hurt.

The nurse said to me....We said three months, not three days...#%!%^

My son is here helping.  He chopped up deck wood for the dump, made pancakes for his children for dinner..He put the children to bed, did the dishes, did the laundry, did the children's chores .Every day I am so grateful he is in the good shape he is in...just for today.

I told him that I frosted that cake and ate the whole thing.this weekend..breakfast, lunch and dinner.
His answer....that's OK, Mom...At your age you should do what  you want...
Just love my son.


Mystic Quilter said...

Diane I have been neglecting my reading of blogs - due to a number of medical hiccups!! I'm just finished reading about Pearl - oh my goodness, I loved that post!! So, so happy that your son has been helping you and little Lynsey, bless her. I was happy to read that you were successful in getting rid of Pearl and that you've been able to enjoy resting outside in the garden, always good for the soul! Now I am here reading your most recent post and once again so, so happy that your son is once again helping you and the children. Cellulitis can take some time before it clears so you must be patient and follow doctor orders!! What a hoot that you already bought the Anita Solomon edition - must be quite some time since she wrote that book.
It's 7.00pm here in New Zealand and I'm just off to watch a programme on TV, but before I go I do hope you've been able to enjoy a good day, take care.

Karaquilts said...

Oh, so thankful with you for your son's good assistance. May today become many tomorrows.

I also chuckle about your Anita Solomon double purchase :) I have done that more than once and feel so frustrated with myself!!! So I understand better than I wish I did!

I made several of the Tula Pink blocks and had fun, but didn't like the mess of little scraps and the small size of the blocks. They became something else! and I did not finish the book. But it's fun to think about :) and I like your orange and turquoise combinations.

If you elevate your leg at the class ~ ~ ~ well, I'd give it a try :) Keep us posted. We care about your adventures. er, uh, we care about YOU!

Cotton Farmer said...

So glad your son is there and so helpful!! Hope you enjoy that e-book! I'll have to look it up to see what you are talking about. I'm in the middle of making a couple of memory quilts for a friend.