Monday, July 30, 2018

Grousing about

Stitch carries the day!!
FYI, He likes Denise Schmidt too
I have finished 9 Tula blocks out of 100
I think I lean toward them because I can use some
of my favorite fabrics, but not use too much!!
Having my cake and eating it too.
Speaking of cake....I am totally out..
Block number 8
 Block number 9
I love the fussy cut Australian fabric with 
Denise Schmidt's Chicopee.
It is black, but not too stark and not too grey

Tonight was the night we started going thru Lynsey's clothes
to get rid of what was too small, getting ready for school.
She wears size 7/8.  We found Lynsey on the floor crying
because she did not want to part with her size 5 and 6
dearly beloved T-shirts etc.
I promised I would cut out the logos for a quilt some day
Some day far far far away.
Her father was here...He took over.
No, Lynsey, Yes, Lynsey.
He is a great father..

He cannot find a job with his history.
He is a car mechanic.
He could not get one of those new driver's licenses
because he does not have a bill to prove an address.
He is now living in a storage unit in a parking garage with a man
who is mentally ill...I cannot bear it.
He usually does not tell me these things..TBTG
He said other homeless cut up his tent..and it is no longer safe.
I told him that I would help him with a sober house, if he could find one.
He is afraid that they will not accept him on Methadone..
I know he will work it out...he is resilient.
I think I  need to win a financial lottery of some kind.
Or, maybe a mental health lottery.....for me...of course

Now, I see that the middle school is requiring a $100 calculator ...a Texas Instrument 84...The 82 he has had is not longer acceptable....Jeeze...where does the school get off...
I am not made of money. And I need someone to clear out my gutters before the new set of leaves fall.
The only "normal" member of my family, my daughter won a free week at a folk music camp
She won it by doing their advertising.
I was so proud...Until....
l heard it was 10 hour away from Portland, in the California town of Mendocino...
She drove alone through the winding roads in the fog through the mountains
and a B and B...then on to the camp.
She scared me in her rickety car...  She insists that the fires are in Mendocino county, not the town by the sea

It is all too much for this old grandma.
I just want to walk on a pier, or body surf in Santa Monica or ride a camel in India...all
that I used to do...I want to run in the wind, or roller skate..or hug my dear man.
Instead, a few glasses of Shiraz from a box  at Trader Joe's...gets me telling you all the business.
Hugs to my friends who listen to my story.....xo


Karaquilts said...

Pfwhew! Another day in the life ~ ~ ~ May I suggest a couple more Tula Pink blocks? Before you know it, you are going to have a quilt (and another basket of scraps!!!) But you do make them look like fun.

And am glad you had help with Lynsey's clothes issues. Planning for a future quilt is always a good distraction ~ ~ we are working on my Grandson's college t-shirt quilt (to take to college from the first 12 years of school!!).

May Stitch the Cat and stitch those blocks give comfort to your heart today.

Bridget said...

I can commiserate on the wardrobe sweep. If my girls had any say we would keep everything! They don't understand that we live in a SMALL house and I am not willing to give up my fabric storage space LOL. I am keeping a few of my favorites for a someday quilt. Of course I considered myself lucky and ahead of the game because I had already purchased the uniforms for school and then we received a notice that there has been a change in the dress policy. I am not sure my little household can run that fast!