Saturday, July 21, 2018

How Grandma got rid of Pearl

Just so you know, it was the devil to get rid of Pearl...but, Grandma is...
a bad-a...grandma now.
Instead of finishing up the old, I started the new
Below block number 3 from Tula's 100 block book.
Below number two
Below number 1
I am not used to working with such small pieces, these blocks are only six and a half inches.
I used some of my favorite fabric that I had been saving forever, it seems.

By reading outside in my garden underneath this tree.
Cellulitis leg up...and resting.
 By admiring the garden the children made with their daddy.

By  making a cake...shhhh  Do NOT tell anyone....

TBTG  That Pearl is history, for now....
And Grandma O'Quilts is getting better..
Mr. O'Quilts would be proud xo

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Alcea Rosea 31 said...

I'm so pleased you're looking after yourself. A good mixture, reading, sewing and baking. Those fabrics really shout out summer. I love sitting in the garden reading or hand sewing.