Sunday, July 29, 2018

Memory Quilts

When I saw Betty's memory quilt online  yesterday, I thought
a post of memory quilts might be in order.
I am on a number of widow groups...all of us trying to get a grip on our loss.
Quilt by Betty Blais from the shirts of her husband
Looks like we have an Indian Hatchet here
An exciting quilt, with exceptional movement..
This quilt I made myself and one for my daughter from my husband's work shirts
It is batted with wool, and backed with owls..cuz he was a wise old owl.
This is the St Louis 16 patch
I have mixed fabric I love in with his shirts.

 Christine made this from her late husband's shirts.
A Disappearing Nine Patch

She is also working on his T-shirt quilt.

This quilt is one from my father's shirts.
He lived in Phoenix, all his shirts were cotton.
Mixed with muslin.. He died 20 years ago.
I see that I big-stitched this quilt with pearl cotton.
It is now on Dylan's bed...from his great-grandfather
There are many more choices out there in tutorials and on blogs.
They warm my heart.

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Alcea Rosea 31 said...

I don't have a memory quilt made of fabrics from my mother's clothes but I do love the quilt she made me for our old cast iron bed ( it came from her grandmother) made in 1835.