Saturday, September 8, 2018

It's a Family Affair

Lynsey age 9. with her little sister, Ava 5 months

Including jealous Zoe...of course.
Marines landed their helicopters on downtown parking lots this morning in Charlotte...
Wished I had been there in person with my grands.
Their motto:
Honor, courage and commitment
Thinking here that that motto is really a universal one..of dignity and values
no matter the political party..
Dear to my  heart as...
I was raised in a military family.
Air Force here....

Links to cheer you:
Faith Ringgold
Brilliant memory quilt

Lynsey practicing her recorder for music at school
She is a diligent student,....she plays with gusto...and so off tune💜

Last week my XDIL had 10 teeth pulled and was given dentures for her upper jaw.
She is 33.
Yesterday, my son had 7 teeth pulled.
He is 33.
In our country dental care is too expensive as is dental insurance
Neither had the money for root canals nor crowns.nor dental cleanings.
Even pulling the teeth was $100 a tooth.

Yesterday, I had a break through...a good day.  I joined the neighborhood book club.
I offered my home for the next meeting.
I had lunch today out and instead of coming home to nap,
I went to a store for earrings because I have lost half of every pair.
I went to Aldi for ice cream for my poor toothless son..
BTW chocolate ice cream at Aldi is just as tasty as Breyers at half the price.
Good to know.
It is potholder time.  I have 17 goal is 40 for the holidays.
I am sick of the Tula blocks...
Jean brought all  60 of hers last night encased in a folder.
So impressive.
My sister's Bento Box for a neighbor with Lupus.
Carol showed us a friend's butterfly summer spread
We were pondering how to best repair a rip.

Best of all...a new born baby our yard all wobbly and trusting.
 The children were in awe.

Good night my friends.

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