Saturday, September 1, 2018

Grandma O'Quilts is working on her bravery

Just look who keeps  me going!!!
First day of fourth grade, eighth grade and third grade.

Yesterday, my son and I went to a funeral which was very sad...A Heroin overdose..
I have a funeral outfit...It makes it easy to get ready.
At my age, it seems to get a lot of wear and tear.
I knew the mother, my son knew the son.
I have a number of finished quilts in my closet that talk to me, .
when they know who should have them in their forever home.
Today this one chose my friend, Cathy grieving for her son.
.  The rose is from a class by Mary Lou Wiedeman.
The rest is my own improv.
This week I was able to find homes for two of my quilts.
So grateful, so glad..

Just  FYI, Luke Haynes
Check out quilting like you have never seen before.
the video of the quilt of amazing

Thursday, I went to my ortho surgeon.
He told me that I had two to 6 months before my knee pain would be so bad that I will have to have my second knee replaced.  I do not think I can bear another surgery.
I am back on my cane, wobbling around like an old woman.
My doc said...always on the cane...I am so disgusted.
My illusions of gone.

Voila, the finishing touches for my hot iron holder
Velcro with a cute vintage button...I love it.

Ugh...lazy cat BOO...sleeps in my bed all day.
If he is not in there, he scratches the carpet all the door.
The other day we noticed that both my sheet sets were ripped.
Lazy Boo...and his claws.
These were expensive sheets I had bought for my husband with his ALS
I was hoping that the fine thread would be softer on his skin
I am not replacing them for Boo to keep ripping. awesome Wonder-under and random scraps
Patched to save the day...At the bottom of my one cares.

My son  is doing quite well for the moment.
He is eager to make up for lost time with his family.
The nanny jealous...she says that my son is doing all her work
Now ,  she wants to quit.😡😡😡
They have the same OCD, high strung personality.
It is way too hard for me to handle this stress.
My stress is at its absolute max with no relief in sight.
At least I have a sewing room with doors that shut.
They can fight without me on who is going to cook dinner and sweep the floor.
Then he will get work, and be out of her hair.

I feel so stale in my sewing.  I need other creative people around me for stimulation.
I am getting a bit on the depressed side...Jeeze Louize
Everyone has left for the weekend...TBTG...the sound of silence for respite
All my friends are sick and tired of my grief...
They want me to paste a fake smile on my face and be done with it...
I wish I could....but, not so fast.
How to help a grieving friend, Megan Devine

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Depression is difficult - it just jumps at you. I am a stay at home person don't want to open that door but it helps some days.