Sunday, September 2, 2018

Warm Fuzzies in my Heart.

My dear and wonderful son, recovered my ironing board tonight.
The wood is heavy so it was wonderful to have help
I like a deco weight on here...Isn't it pretty...IKEA
Planning for a good week....
Starting the chicken is fall now, after all.
 And potholder heaven....I think I have 10 here, ready for self-binding.
Today was a day of reflection.
A day of reading under my tree with my Stitch and Zoe
A day of wondering if I was doing good enough.
And, deciding I was doing my best.
Thrilled that there was a merry little breeze for comfort.
I am rested now...I am relaxed...
Reading two books at once...of course...
Both so well written..

Eamon got a job for tomorrow TBTG
There are warm fuzzies in my heart.!!


Kaja said...

Your ironing board looks great! If you are doing your best then that's good enough - it's all anyone can do.

Food and Fiber Floozie said...

For whatever reason, I could not get an email address or link to come up when I clicked on it in your blog, so am leaving a commnent.

What a totally great and fun surprise to get your comment on my blog! I write it as more of a letter to my friends in CT, but a surprising number of friends and neighbors down here in SC read it as well. I'm forever posting about the quilts I very active doing a LOT of charity/QoV quilts. I would love to talk more personally in email, so maybe you can email me (