Monday, September 24, 2018

The Stuff We are Made Of.....

Pender County, North Carolina... 2 days ago...water continues to rise.
Houses gone, power gone, no access to food or fresh water,
no access period.  Florence is still a nightmare.
Meantime, Lynsey prepares for a curly head tomorrow.
Thank you Ms Eithne, for the very cool head bands.

I have finally quilted, from 3 year ago...a favorite from
the brilliant work of   Sujata Shah
 Stitch loves it too.
 Because Ms Stephanie and Lynsey folded some of my fabric,
I found this for the binding.

My son starts a new job tomorrow...A miracle.
He is a bit anxious...I tell him 50 miles into the woods  means
50 mile out..and he is going in the right direction
Tonight he took his children on a long bike ride,
I am so grateful. He blew leaves off the deck, organized the garage,
did the dishes and the laundry and gave me a hug.!!.
He and I have the same temperament, we catch each other's angst and joy..
I have started in with Anne Lamont's encouragement...say..Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, every single day (Tender new favorite book).

 I do not remember where I saw this...but I have all the fabric..I am so making it.
 ALS is the dragon...we insist we will slay matter how long it takes.
 My man and Evan..happy memories.
 At Emily's wedding.
 My mother..showing off.
 My grands enjoying Santa...especially Lynsey.
 Staying all night with my mother as she headed to her next great adventure.
In memory of life's great adventures and great loves.
From my mother:

Then it Happened

The moon rolled over
turned out the light
covered itself with
a blanket of night.


Michele Bilyeu said...

My heart hurts for your beautiful state. I watched a 60 minutes on the Netherlands and then news photos of Florence's water everywhere, later. The flooded land with houses here and there looked the same. Our country should have followed their engineering lead in water control decades ago. Such loss and destruction. Heartbreaking. But heartwarming..your son. Trying so incredibly hard, doing so much all at once now. He is so good at heart. May he take it truly one day at a time right along with you. You are so blessed in spite of the sad, awful loss you have all had. Hugs to you all.

Mary said...

What a lovely post. In 2007 we experienced the destructiveness of flooding and it was no where close to what your state has experienced this year. So glad to hear about your son’s new job.

Mystic Quilter said...

In the midst of the disaster of Florence, the sadness ab out the loss of your Mum, I find the news about your son heart-warming and thank you for sharing these family pic s with us all. Tell Lynsey I loved her hair!

cocoya said...
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