Saturday, September 8, 2018

My Mother's Gift to Me...Cotton and Steel

I am big on the name, Cotton and Steel...a fabric line.
It denotes to me..strength and softness..
This potholder may not be that adorable.
Making it gave me strength
 I am uplifted by the same spirituality that connects us all in life.

Poems from my mother's poetry books keep me solid

In a niche in a rock carved by the sea lies a
cradle of comfort, a haven for me.

Threatening tides roar with their spume of
salt spray while seductive waves rise only 
two feet away.

Danger abound on this high windy place as
the lure of forever kisses my face.

Alone in a circle of stone, protected yet
wildly free, will I cling to the solid 
rock...or yield to the tempting sea?

Death whispers in my ear
"Over here, over here."
His smile beguiles me,
"Over here, over here"
I will run; so will he.
We will race against reality.

Wailing of the sirens
calling after me
I can hear them screaming

Ageless, weightless, spirit, I,
like a snowflake in the sky,
soaring, floating, dreaming, I,
transient like a butterfly!!

My mother's feelings were hurt when I told her that I thought her poems were sad.
At the time, I did not know that it was her way of finding strength in her place in her 
stage of life.
Now, the very same poems..give me strength too..
I love you Mom

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