Sunday, May 5, 2019

Five from Twenty is Fifteen

Keeping self busy...but number crunching to myself
Fifteen days  until my surgery.
Both my children want me in the rehab facility instead of home.
I guess they are thinking...big old me, three children, two cats, one dog.
And, what if something goes wrong.
Doctor says it is best to be home so I do not catch anything else.
What to do???

Tonight, I worked on this:

I wish I could practice the serenity prayer
instead of just mouthing it...

My son is cleaning my car because cousin Ann is coming on Sunday.
Last night my son went to the grocery store for us.
In the parking lot, he heard a car with squeaking brakes....
He approached the driver, offering to fix the brakes...for a certain amount.
The man called him today....He had already bought the brakes and pads
for his car..for Eamon to fix.and he brought his friends and their cars.
Sooo proud of my son.

My life struggle is in acceptance...
Accepting life on life's terms.. sooo.difficult upon me.

I can appreciate a tree without having to climb it.
My memory enjoys my life without my having to relive it.
I walk with a cane.
but, I walk.

Physically, I am no longer strong.
My son and my grandchildren are..
We are family the shelter of each other.
I am grateful.

I hate change.
I hate loss.
Too is about change and loss.
My friend died yesterday from ALS
The thought of ALS increases the tremor in my left hand..

Every day, I read outside under a tree.
I go through 2 or 3 books a week.
I am no longer guilty for relaxing.
I am trying Carpe Diem.

So many friends are offering to hold my hand..

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Teresa said...

Doctors have told my husband the same thing about going home instead of a rehab center. I wondered at the time, is this an insurance ploy to keep people out of hospitals and rehab facilities. I mean really, aren't medical facilities supposed to be clean? The rehab facility my husband ended in once, came in and sanitized the room every day, but I am not sure if they did the same in the exercise room. Now in the hospital, which was supposed to be an excellent facility, they did not mop the floor or wipe down the counters the entire three days we were there, and they only emptied the trash once...the day we were to leave.