Thursday, May 2, 2019


Starting work on this Indian Hatchet
Fat Quarter top from:
Sew Can She

Feeling glum here...the state of the world...shootings and death and sickness.
And, of course someone's upcoming operation...
I am such a wimp.  I have had this operation 400 my head..
What we do to ourselves.
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Wailing of the sirens
calling after  me
I can hear them screaming

Ageless, weightless, spirit, I
like a snowflake in the sky,
soaring, floating, dreaming, I,
transient like a butterfly!

                           by Alice Franzen Clemons Burt

Sunday is my mother's birthday.
Sunday is Cinco de Mayo
Thursday is my mother's death day
Sunday week, is Mother's Day......glum

Fun notes here, from my favorite:  Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild
We have fundraiser table.  We bring things to buy from each other.
No prices...only donations into a jar.
Found these lovely blocks...all finished...
I think I can get two quilts out of these..

Our charity focus is on place mats for Meals on Wheels.
We are trying to make 700 for give for the holidays.

I seem to have very little energy to sew.
Most of the time I am cooking up creative scenarios of my 
upcoming surgery....grrrrr, missing my dear Mr. O'Quilts!!!

This grandmother feels 100 years old..
So.not putting up with any grief from anyone.
Working on summer plans for the children.
Young ones going to a wonderful camp, fourth year..
So far, the 14 year old is going to the beach with his mother, et al.
Evan is taking a one week cooking class for adolescents and volunteering
to help out at Camp Soar (developmentally challenged) for three days..
Next up for him...signing up to volunteer at the library.

 I do not know when I will be able to drive after my operation.
Praying my daughter will come home to help.
It was hard to find spots to volunteer as most places need youth to be 15

The pool pump at the center is exercise all week.
No chocolate in the house..
I sense that old friend coming back to bother me....Pearl
Poor Pitiful Pearl...I certainly hate that woman.!!

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Teresa said...

I like the Indian Hatchet pattern and had not heard of this pattern before. The saying is perfect - I need to remember that one. Just use your Indian Hatchet project to chop your way out of this gloomy times. Life trials can sure get the best of us at times and I pray you will be able to see the sunlight soon at the end of this dark period. What surgery, and when, are you going to have to have?