Thursday, May 23, 2019

Oh The Places we Go

To Margaret's funeral...surrounded by peace and by friends..
Goodbye Margaret...You are still our boss and leader!!!

Into my sewing room..I have selected the binding for my
mustard star...I will machine stitch it down and hand stitch after my surgery.
One of Kathy Lynn's finest quilts
Front and back...adorable..

To my UFO group.
I have missed so many of these meetings...due to distance and pain.
My sister drove us to Donna's new house.
It was many beautiful rooms  and beautiful views..
I loved it...the best of all was this huge sewing room...
The entire finished  basement  Way to go Donna.
Here on Donna's high rise ping pong table we basted 
Beth's scrap quilt..."Hugs from my Friends"
HSTs made from friend;s donations...a great memory.quilt
The lighting is grand...I came right home to my own dark quilting room
and vowed to change it... I took a nap instead!!

A specialized potholder for an artist.

I think that I just HATE cleaning up after myself...just sayin...
No wonder my quilting space is a jumble.
I am trying to get a grip.
I am in so much pain, I cannot walk well.
Not just my knee, but the thigh muscles in both legs.
My mind is once again doing a number on me.
My non-stop thinking, uncontrollable mind.
What is wrong with me now????
I have a much needed 3 day vacation this weekend.
I can do what I being with friends and sewing and resting.
The children are with their mother...and best of all...dear little sister, Ava.

8 days left of school makes some children go bananas..
and others not want to do make up work..Sigh.
No one here has money..
Mine is lost...ha.ha...hidden in my stash!!!.
The nanny did not even have enough money to put gas in her car
to get home after work...She is used to working 3 part-time CNA jobs.
Now she only has me.

I am doing the one thing at a time gig...
Rest this long weekend and sew...of course.
Have my knee repaired Friday week...
and then....I will tackle my other worries.
Did I mention that if there is a is not me!!!
I am surrendering!!

So grateful that the children's parents are doing so well.
Grateful for the praying that went on Monday...when I was supposed to be under the knife..
Also thankful for a smart and helpful grief therapist.
He is my life boat....then I go back into the squalling seas.
Red wine and popcorn time...

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