Thursday, May 9, 2019

Grandma O'Quilts Does the Hills and the Valleys

Group hug for losing our Mamacita..almost 102
She had been in our Wednesday night quilting group for 20 years.

Here she is...turning 99 at my knee rehab center....wahoo...
I WAS the one in the rehab center...

My girl made a flannel blanket for our dear Mamacita, very loved.She bought backing width flannel at JoAnns, sewed it right side together,turned it and top stitched twice It was light weight, cuddly and warm.
Wednesday night Show and Tell...Marie's petals

Really???  Can you believe what I found...My private new space..
Stephanie reading a book to Lynsey...They had no guilt at all..grrrr
Lynsey's stuffed animal collection

Things that cheer me...New cat sheets from Marshalls...
Finding my nurse fabric...lost for 3 years at least....Really?? 
Age is upon me...

This morning dentist finished my crown...I got a slap bracelet because I was good.

This afternoon was my pre-op check up at the hospital.
All my vitals are good...I needed more blood taken because
 I had had a blood transfusion during the hip operation. 
He missed my vein...had to do another one on my hand.
  I got two stickers.
And, he pushed me in the wheelchair all the way to my car!!!  Yes!!!

On the way out the door, a worker gave me a mother's day cup cake
When I told her that today was my mother's anniversary of her death...
We all paused for a memory moment.xo

The hospital folks put this bracelet on me today for my operation
I have to wear it for two weeks...OMG

Everything is on my nerves.
I need a vacation instead of a hospital stay.

My daughter is coming home for my operation.
My son works most days
Linda  brought me a bag of chocolate goodies to cheer my day.
Lynsey cooked a great barbecue chicken dinner last night
Dylan washed and cut the potatoes for roasting.
Evan cleaned up the kitchen.
Cousin Ann comes in Sunday.



Cathy Cartledge said...

A very full day for a very full life. I hope to see you Saturday.

The Civil War Quilter said...

Sorry for your loss. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

Karaquilts said...

Wow! That's a lot of stuff for one day! I can't believe they'll even be able to read a bracelet you've worn for 2 weeks.

Hmm. Don't know about those 2 invaders ~~~ guess you will have to Mama Bear them out!

Kaja said...

I'm sorry for your loss (and hope I look as spry as Marmacita did when I get to 80, never mind 100). Good luck for you surgery - I hope it goes well and you recovery speedily.

http://thankfullga447 said...

Love your new chair, been out of touch had to go to my MIL funeral, she was 94.
She has gone through a war, and much more and she lived a very simple life.
She worked hard and raised 4 children on her own, in life she really just wanted to be a seamtress. Faith got her through the tuff times.

Surgery, well just think you will get a good night sleep and then you will have to take it easy. Do some hexies.

Happy Mother's Day to a remarkable Mother and Grandmother.

Mystic Quilter said...

Sorry to read about the loss of your friend Diane, gosh, 102 is a great achievement. At least you now have all your pre-op visits finished and I'm happy that Emily will be home to take care of you.