Friday, May 17, 2019

The See-Saw

Queen Bee fun
Heather's Cat Face
Linda updating her UFO

Carol's quilt, using her scraps. (Wed nte group)
Heather's Stunning ninepatch
Lynsey Lou's cafe
Set up by Lynsey for Cousin Ann's visit

Ava's first lesson..Age one:  Introduction to scraps

I hid $40 in one dollar bills in my stash.
I need it now..
I have lost it...the cash and my mind.
Send a new mind quickly please..

My surgery is Monday...Should I do it???
Should I cancel it??
Do I want to fall??
Am I sick of the pain??
Do I want to walk??
Am I brave????
Guess I have to do it??

Ok....In preparation..To Bless The Space Between Us....

1 comment:

Michele Bilyeu said...

Sending you love, light, prayers,and healing energies. May you be blessed with love from here on earth and beyond the stars and may you always, always remember how much you are treasured and loved 💜