Friday, October 27, 2023

New Post, New Day

Starting out with Ms Aoife and her slew of pumpkins that her daddy carved for her. 

Pale pink tulips from Trader Joe's to bring peace to Mrs. O'Quilts.
I found  this last year on just popped up again.
I do not know where it is from, but I so love it. xo
Comparing beginnings to ends...
Such a  difference between a beginning potholder and a finished one..
My niece is just out from a five hour surgery. Lab results will take two to three weeks.
This has been quite the ordeal...One day at a time.
Lucky  we can look forward to a brand new day, tomorrow.


Linda, The Vintage Turtle said...

I just love Aoife’s mischievous smile and those artistic pumpkins her daddy carved. The little ghost quilt is so sweet. Enjoy your beautiful flowers so cheerful.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Great photos today. Love all the pumpkins. Hope your niece will come out well and healed. What is not to like about any color tulip?