Sunday, July 7, 2024

Lovin' the Good Stuff

Marcia Derse fabric/ Jeni Baker pattern..African fabric border finally on.....

Below is our Aoife, a few weeks till age 4...A dress made by her mother from Liberty of London fabric.

In preperation for the rope bowl demonstration, Monday, July 8, I made the final example.
I usually use batik so the fabric will not fray.  This bowl used regular fabric scraps....amazing...I love the fraying.
Making rope bowls is so very relaxing..  As I prepare examples, I am learning new techniques.

Voila my bound plaid quilt...Mary Jerz did a  great quilting job....there  is nothing like a binding to help a quilter feel warm fuzzies.
Shot cotton on the backing is so very soft.

 Pakistani camel skin lamps  I have posted my  lamps before.  Now I found an online link:

Without family and beauty and making and adductor muscles would hurt much much worse when I walk.
Lovely lunch out today with friends....all of whom hurt somewhere...!!  Age, you know.......
When I am in pain like this....all I want is sugar...
I have ransacked the apartment and all I can find is some old marshmallows.
Going to start a new project instead.

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