Monday, June 29, 2015

My life on a bolt...

Just sharing cool fabric that came today......Isn't this great??
After my Melanoma surgery on Wednesday, 
I will not be able to go to my water aerobics for 6 weeks.
Too bad...huh?  Cuz this fabric is awesome.
Here we have my love's dress shirt number six...
...all cut up and paired with ice cream to celebrate the good times.
Very therapeutic.
Quilting is saving my life...again...and again...
Little ones are asleep..Evan feels empowered that he is can stay up forever playing with his birthday Legos and listening to his I-pod.
Stephanie has gone home.  I hope she is not tired of my crying.
..or maybe she is tired of washing and folding my new fabric..
Evan got his granddaddy's laptop for his birthday yesterday. Grandma fixed the case...
Emily had the case from when she auditioned at Julliard 10  years ago..
.Never waste a thing, they say.
I just glued and sewed right over that label to make a new one!!!
And just so you know who is in charge here..
.I wish I had the answers now that I had at age 6..
I would definitely have more peace. Nothing like a know-it-all


Mary said...

What wonderful fabric! I'll be thinking of you Wednesday, hoping it all goes well. Keep stitching.

Holee said...

Will be thinking of you on Wednesday. I'll be having an MRI that day so I'll say a prayer for both of us. Love the ladies in the fabric!

Rachaeldaisy said...

You always find such fun fabrics!! Happy birthday to Evan, I bet he's pleased with his gift. Good luck with the Melanoma surgery.

Ellen Guerrant said...

Love the swim suit fabric. Reminds me of napkins I once had. A lady my size is dressed in a bathing suit with the tiniest trim around the bottom. The text reads: "I think the ruffle really helps, don't you?"

You're in my prayers for a successful surgery tomorrow. xo


Sharon said...

Ten year olds and six year olds! They are special, aren't they? What a super gift for Evan! I wish I'd had a laptop at that age! Oh wait, they weren't invented yet! hee hee!

Love your new fabrics. Fabric therapy is so fun, and it can bring joy for a long time. pet it for me!

Good luck on the melanoma surgery. I'll be thinking of you and saying a little prayer for you.