Saturday, July 2, 2016

Hello July and the middle of summer...

I think that cheddar goes perfectly with my whine!!!
Don't you???

Did I tell you that the night before I came home from rehab..,
 I was so excited that I could not sleep a wink all night...
Just like a child the night before Christmas..!! 
 I found myself at 3 am, sitting up in bed ordering fabric on Craftsy and
Oh, I know that I no longer like that night it did not matter at all..!!!!
I figured that a sale is a sale is a sale!!!!
TBTG for I had no purse in the nursing home!!!

As I read this article, Knee Replacement Recovery, I am glad I bought the fabric.
And, I just might want to get more whenever I feel like it, Durnit!
Because, once home, somehow, I felt I would be better...Oh, I am in spirit, but I had hoped for more.
Forever expecting more than I should...I did not like the three Ps!!!!!
(Pain, Physical Therapy, Patience)
I felt, at 2 weeks out, I had suffered fell into despair.
Then, she said that the main necessity was a dear husband.
Trying to figure out what kind of whine goes best with Hydrocodone!!!!!!!!!!

And so it goes...on and on..I am walking much better than the 6 years I have been disabled before...but Pain...ugh...I have decided that getting fabric that I do not need, but love so healthier than adding even more pounds with M&M therapy!!!
Emily and Brian have taken the little ones to the pool and Evan has gone off for some fun with the neighbor boy...My goal for today beside popping pain meds and nodding to cut out some fabric for the
Potluck bowl covers
These are so easy and fun to make.  So useful.  I use mine all the time and love to give them away...gotta get busy...whining is getting so yesterday!!!!
These are some of the fabrics I will use for the bowl lovely!!
As I cannot drive yet, Emily took me to a dinner at a friend's house on Thursday night.
Beating the clock to not in focus..grrr..potholder..
The fun part of making the custom look..She loves cats, used to ride a motorcycle, is a school busses...
and....for some reason likes chipmunks..
Did I tell you how therapeutic blogging is???


Mary said...

I sure hope the pain gets better fast. I've been using your tutorial to make potholders for my gift stash.

Holee said...

Oh, go for the candy..and wine...I can't have the wine because of the pain pills but no one told me I couldn't dip my finger in a glass just for the taste. Did you know there is chocolate wine? It's so smooth and goes down just like a chocolate!

Yep the pain sounds to me like you need another order of not needed fabric. The "not needed" is what makes it so helpful,like screaming on a tall mountain or throwing your gum paper off the top of a tall building in a no liter zone. The other night I saw a star twinkle brighter then the other's. I should have known you were buying fabric. I've seen that twinkle in the eyes of Mr.O on some of his photo's. I think he spoiled you and loved doing it. Some night when you do some shopping just look out the window and you'll see that twinkling star giving approval for the purchase!

Goodnight my friend, I have to at least try and sleep.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Emily will love that fun potholder! Buying fabric is great therapy!

Rhonda said...

You are on the right track. Pain does seem to ease while looking, fondling or buying fabric. Warm thoughts to you from me!!

Karaquilts said...

Ahhh, looking, fondling, buying so you can fondle, yes, fabric can be a good substitute for many things!!! Just give yourself a bit of a limit ~ ~ not tooooo much, just enough so you don't feel out of control :) hugs!