Monday, July 25, 2016

Camera Happy

Lordy...I am a point and shoot kind of woman!!
My broken $250 camera with lost warranty..was a hated camera.
Now, my new $100 Canon so
Last night the energy came to me to sew this backing for the cuddle quilt.
I just hated to use up my zebras.
I have finally grasped that there is no trailer hitch on the hearse!!
 Halloween fabric cheers anyone!!  I want to start another Halloween quilt. many flimsys to far to go.  I need 100 Sit-and-Sews to cheer me on.
Tomorrow I will get my new tennis shoes and try the tread mill..
.Ok..tomorrow I will get the shoes(:
I certainly do not want to get carried away.
I went to a wine tasting tonight with my widow's group at someone's house.
A small sip of 10 wines...Hmmm good thing Stephanie gave me an 8:30 curfew.
And, good thing my friend lives 5 minutes from my house.

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