Thursday, July 14, 2016

What you need to know,.... and Mor'......

Today is 15 months a hard to believe.

Free sandwich day at Chick-Fil-A... If you dress like a cow, you get a free lunch.
Ms Stephanie took the kids 
They took their black Karate shirts and pinned white paper spots...Yeah creative Stephanie!!!

A lovely piece from the blog of Michele Bilyeu
We were made for these times

and a funny....
It has been Lonely in the Saddle since my Horse Died

I have been to the pool 3x this week...Oh, yeah...Grandma...!!!
Knee getting better every day.
Crazy grief still hangs here at the O'Quilt's house.
Shows itself at night in sobs.
Oh, Mr. O...Why did you leave me so???

My girl left yesterday for a much needed two week vacation to see her husband's family.
Grands are just loving loving Camp Mindy at the J.
I love Camp Mindy too!!!

Then of course...there would be more:

We had a family meeting to discuss police officers and the race issue in our country.
We discussed all the different sides and that most police officers are nice..Police of all colors are nice...mostly. They  make very little money and put their lives on the line to protect us.  I had bought the 10 $5 gift cards to randomly give to police when we saw them..and say, according to the children,
 "Thank you for being a nice cop".
Then I asked them if they thought police officers were good or bad.
OMG...Grandma walked right into that one.
Evan and Lynsey put their hands over their ears and said NO...Evan did not want to talk about police.
Trauma from the past when they lived with their parents came swishing in...
Police arrested Mommy and Daddy.
No...Mommy and Daddy did nothing wrong...OMG
Lynsey cried., Evan was about to.
When I first took guardianship of the children, they use to scream..."duck" when a police car came by.
.  Discussion...can we love someone who makes bad choices.?..
They would not take their hands off their ears.
Lynsey and Evan have agreed to go back to trauma therapy.
Dylan is too young...he missed it all.
They love their parents so much...but...
Mommy misses visitation because of work and sickness.
Daddy is living homeless in the woods shooting up Heroin and holding a sign.

The very very good news is that the Muldoon family has a wonderful support system.!!!!
The children agreed to give the cards out to cops
..Ms Stephanie has some in her purse and so do I.
We are all waiting for the chance.
Since Chick-Fil-A gives a 50% discount to should work out.

Now if I could just get off this computer and sew...I would feel


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smazoochie said...

Events these days are impossible for grown-ups to understand, much less explain to little one. Keep them surrounded with love & security.