Thursday, July 21, 2016

The no pix, broken camera...etc... I just could not do it...a no picture I found these older  pictures....
I like them too.
Going to Target tomorrow to look at a new camera...always something.
Snowball with Grandma's embroidery.
A fun kids quilt
Just a another kids cool one..

So a story without a picture can still be a good story...right??? Of course, I just could not do
How about coming home from the pool and finding a half a dead rabbit on the porch right by the back door????
Like thank you Zoe...such a wonderful dog...500 squirrels 0 for Zoe...
But, one rabbit yes...good good Zoe...hmmmm, cough...OMG
It got better when my DIL went outside to clean it up with a shovel.
She found the rabbits head lying on a chair..wahoo..Zoe...Really???
NO kisses for you tonight!!!!

Good Grandma allowed herself to sit in her recliner and think and doze this morning after the pool exercise.
The former grandma would have felt lazy...this is the new grandma...realizing that her knee may feel great, but is still in trauma...and certainly her psyche is in whatever...
I did it.
This evening, I took care of self with a stroll through Marshalls and a Naranon meeting with friends.
They all said that I looked younger with more energy...What did I do????
Hello...a new knee and no more chronic pain.
I had no idea it had been so bad. Normalizing chronic pain is so not good.

But good is being able to trust...for DIL watching her very own children while I get my life back.
So humming along.
Kids are doing so well in the most wonderful camp in the world...Camp Mindy at the JCC.
We are indeed a lucky family.
Evan has been invited to a sleepover Saturday night and the other two are going to a movie...invited by their school teacher...Like wow!!!  
Stephanie is is coming to help out as my balance is still not so good.

This morning grief swallowed me.
Tonight I am coming to the realization that my love with Mr. O'Quilts was something that many people never have.  I am so grateful for what I had...It has framed me for this last part of my life.
While before I had thought I would have died of a broken heart...that did not was not my choice.
Tonight I realize that my man lives inside of me.
He gives me the energy to carry on and make the best of this next part.

Talk about a mood swing..  I guess that is what it takes.
My mother had told me to look deep within myself to find the core of who I was ...whether or not I called it God or not. and I would be ok...It is just taking so so so long.

I found three police officers tonight to pass out the gift cards to...Stephanie and the kids also found one.
It is so good to give thanks.


Karaquilts said...

This is really a profoundly wise post ~ ~ I also believe that your terrible knee pain which affected all of your physical movements, added to your most terrible heart pain. With the relief for your knee and other movements, you are now able to "think" through your other pain and you are becoming so very wise. I feel honored to walk your journey with you. Hugs and blessings to you.

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

So pleased your knee is progressing in the right direction. Chronic pain pain affects all parts of your life, hopefully it is now a thing of the past. Your man is always with you, you grew together became one. Your path through life is challenging but you can do it.

Rachaeldaisy said...

I'm so happy to read this beautiful post of love.

http://thankfullga447 said...

Just a lovely post. The quilts are wonderful and giving thanks to the police officer is a great way to say thank you.