Wednesday, July 6, 2016


..I saw my beloved knee surgeon today....Our very own, Dr. McCoy at OrthoCarolina...OMG.
.I was released for driving.
I was released from physical therapy.
No more..Hydrocodone!!!  No more Iron supplements.
I am encouraged back to my water classes when wedding wound has week is promised...
My knee is ..amazing...X-ray looks perfect...
I am taller, standing up straighter...only mild aching as I stand up.

I saw the PA...but insisted on seeing my doctor, the hero...just for a hug..
.I am so thrilled..It seems like just yesterday, I was screaming in pain and impatient. 
 I give all the credit to the physical therapists at the Pavilion nursing home...where for 10 days, they made me scream and cry as they walked me and twisted me and iced me...
Yesterday's horror equals today's joy.
..And, it is just 3 weeks and 2 days...
Everyone told me...but I just could not see it!!!!

Thank you all so much for listening to the whine and giving me support.
Celebrated with lunch at Tupelo Honey with my girl.
Tonight my Wednesday night quilting group applauded my success...
Of course, cookies were part of it!!

I hate my camera...ugh..out of focus...maybe the operator???
I made two potluck bowl covers for Muggs.
Last night I had a Hydrocodone induced panic attack at a restaurant.
Muggs came to the rescue...She deserves the world.


ES said...

I'm so glad that your knee is really doing great!! And you're walking taller! Sounds great :)

Unknown said...

Great news!!!

m. said...

Congratulations!! You have endured. So glad to read your good news!

smazoochie said...

Yay! A corner turned! I am so glad & relieved!

Karaquilts said...

Best news of the day!!! Yea!!!