Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Tell Me a Story...a Good One Please!!

Good Story:
I am sewing!!
Good Story:
Sixteen year old Pumpkin likes to sit beside me in the new basket I fixed for her.
Good Story:
MP asked for some of my Guatemalan fabric to make pillows for her sofa.
I shared cuz I love MP and because of my new awareness that I cannot take it with me!!
She has made these two awesome....
Good Story:
My son went to Detox last night.  He said he was  hoping that a bed in rehab would come up after that.
I told him that he would have to use his charm for rehab, I could not afford to help him with $$$.
But, if he did all that, I would front him the money for the first month of a halfway house until he got a job.
Now, we have been down this road a million times...but.....God Please.....

Good Story:
Today, despite 100 degrees, I walked to the end of the street and back.
Feebly I walked the my home, instead of the chair lift.
First time in forever.
I have scheduled three fun events for this upcoming free weekend.
So thrilled.

Funny Story:
Lynsey, age 7 hit her 6 year old brother yesterday morning.
She spent her camp day awaiting consequences....ha!
When Ms Stephanie picked her up, she reported that she had told her entire group at camp
that she was in trouble...and queried as to their consequences when they got into trouble.
Well!!!  Said Ms. Lynsey..
.NONE of them have to clean toilets and wipe down walls when they get into trouble..
.Sooo funny that girl...
Whatever....Lynsey... we do not hit.

Good Story:
I have amazing friends...Thank you Drenna and Sherrie...

Good Story:
There are only 4 more days until my girl and Ms Muggs come home..TBTG

I am delighted to report that there are some good stories around....
There is nothing like a good story...especially between the sad ones..


Rachaeldaisy said...

Yay for happy stories!!!

Shasta Matova said...

Lots of happy stories to share. I love that Guatemalan fabric - it looks great in pillows. I am happy you used it.