Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Missing Piece..just an O'Quilt's Ramble broken new camera and mud brain cannot find the receipt nor the warranty...
So no pix and new camera to be bought tomorrow...a cheap one...OMG
But, Aunt Brandy to the picture rescue with this adorable quilt..from where I do not know.
Just too cute.

Moping me got a huge lift this evening... dinner out with a friend.  Mexican of course.
This friend is quite a motivational out of your recliner, walk, go to the gym, get a grip..etc..
Had to walk to the restaurant from a far away parking spot.  Really????  But I did it!!!
I keep looking for my cane of 5 years...I keep thinking I cannot walk..but I can...such a miracle.

Television has rarely been part of my style....Until I was in high school, we did not even have it.  In seventh grade I came home from school to find the broken TV on the trash heap, never to be replaced.
With two pit bulls, one lab,one German Shepherd, one alarm system, and three grandchildren....
I am rarely alone.
Now-a-days..sometimes this widow just turns on Netflix and watches a silly movie.
I feel guilty.  I should be doing, not being.
  Is there not something to be cleaned or cooked or studied or sewn...
perhaps a literary book to learn from or a fabric to be cut.
New territory here as life throws me curve balls.  Trying to just do what I feel like doing.
Just trying to be...It is a whole new me!!

I saw my son today at visitation...He was in good shape..TBTG  I was so relieved.
.At least tonight I am motivated to patch a backing for the jelly roll baby quilt.
Tuesday is senior day at the shoe tennis shoes then to walk...crazy..
Did you know that August is almost here????????

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Rachaeldaisy said...

Be kind to yourself Diane, Sometimes its the right thing to just sit and watch a silly movie. It's good to hear you went out for dinner. Also happy to hear your son is doing well. I hadn't noticed August was so close until you mentioned it - eek!!