Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Party and the Pain

It was MP birthday party tonight at Wednesday night quilting.
 I made the family cake...with my grandmother's chocolate frosting.
  I used her little bird candle holders and her beautiful embroidered cloth that my mother and grandmother saved forever and never  used...OMG.
Happy Birthday MP

 I had no present cuz I was in quite a funk today about losing my old man.
So at 4:30 I started on this.  Made all of vinyl and laminate,
 it is perfect for MP to take out on her boat.
I finished it 45 minutes before the party because I did not leave myself enough time for mistakes..OMG
Picking stitches out of vinyl is tough going.....grrr
This is a clear vinyl window with the owls on the inside of the bag..
....figured that MP was a wise old owl by now.
 Voila.. her mother in an awesome picture book M made on Shutterfly...
I wish I could figure out how to do that for my grands...Unfortunately, it is not in my skill set...
At 99, it seems like Margaret had a million parties.
She was even right here tonight for her own daughter's party!!!
You go Margaret....
Of course, there is more......
The Second Year of Grief
I really just cannot get a grip...I keep on seeing my love in his hospital bed with his breathing mask on and the feeding tube and suction tube...all paralyzed ....
These flashbacks coming now, 15 months??.

TBTG I have a great therapist and great friends and family...
That the second year can be harder???

I am holding on, especially with the good knee news....
My knee quirk was just a pull of a bit of scar tissue.
It is now awesome again..
I think that I am going to make tomorrow a potholder day!!!!!


smazoochie said...

What a wonderful friend you are to your wonderful group of friends!
From his diagnosis to his death, months & months of hideous trauma for his loved ones to live through. Give your psychic wound the same time to heal as your physical one.

Ellen Guerrant said...

Hang in there, dear friend. Love you.


Barb said...

hang in there - it will get better and easier with time.
Yummy looking cake