Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Tuesday, Tuesday...

Stitch says.....Bye, bye Emily.....bye, bye..

My girl left this morning.
I feel just like Stitch..only no one took my picture..
Last night was a horrific night for knee pain.
I woke both my children with my crying...terrible...
I know Emily was conflicted about having to leave.

Lynsey was helping me with this blogpost...
She said she wanted this song included...cuz, it was how she felt.
with Aunt Emily leaving. and....about granddaddy leaving..xoxo Lynsey

Today was a better pain day
Things to make us happier....
All...by herself!!!!! Lynsey made a free edge applique, two sided
mug rug for me.  She had the best time just sewing things she found
in my scrap basket to an already cut piece of batting.
She did not use insul-brite..which made  the piece flatter for a  mug rug.
It sits right next to my recliner and ice bag..to make my day so much happier

The PT came today to rule out infection and blood clots.
I am clear. He actually said I was getting better..
He said to hold off on the vino tinto....but...
eat as much chocolate ice cream, cheese cake, Oreos, etc
What ever it takes to bring peace in my garden..
Now that is my kind of PT..
A leg lift, an Oreo....a leg bend, some ice cream!!!!!
Lynsey and I are the only ones here for a bit.
We found, squirreled away...candy from Linda..
And because my girl loves me....Joe-Joe's from Trader Joe's
Flowers my girl planted in the back yard.
Emily teaching the children how to make Pickled Onions.
Meantime, my son holds down the fort with things that do not shine in pictures.
Cleaning the deck, cutting the grass, playing with Lynsey, waiting on me.
So it goes, my friends....so it goes...
Day 11...

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Mystic Quilter said...

You're getting there Diane -doesn't matter if it's slow going, you will do it I know.
You would have been sad to see Emily go but you still have your son with you and looks like Lynsey is helping and cheering you on.
Have been slow with my comments - unexpected discovery on an echocardiogram for me so I've had some thinking to do. Will write probably tomorrow.