Friday, June 14, 2019

The Dreamer

Dylan helping his grandmother thread elastic through the casing.

How the story goes...
In anticipation of my knee replacement surgery, I cut out a number of potluck bowl covers..
See tute link above.  Right sides together I made the casing.  All at the guild Sit and Sew

I took them to the hospital...where, on day three   I turned them inside out and threaded the elastic.
Yesterday, Dylan came home from his mother's house.
Right away, he started to help the elastic and the opening...
Now they are all ready for gifting...

The dreamer here...was soooo excited that today would be week 2 and I would be so much better.
The end of the dream was when yesterday was better than today...ugh
This two steps forward, one step back so not for me.
I slept most of today and still needed the ice.
Getting up and down are the most painful parts
Had to make myself walk.
Wheee go the mood swings.
And, I really had thought I had aged out of impatience.

This morning...I missed the pancake party...not sad...let me just say..
The children were thrilled that their father did this breakfast with them.

O'Quilts family news:
Me...getting better. sloooooowly
My son and his cars...all broken and disappointing...which means that
he walks around with a sour face and I walk around with a cry-baby face, for pain.
Lynsey and Dylan are quite happy to see each other..they played nicely all day.

Evan is home for the first time in 2 weeks.
He spent 3 days volunteering at the J..Camp Soar for adults with developmental delays.
Tonight he made frozen pizza for his siblings.for dinner.
I am grateful that it all worked out..

Last night....more drama, as the nanny, our Stephanie... had a heart attack...Jeeze louize.
She is in the hospital.
She had a stint put in this morning. She is alive...TBTG
This one makes me...yes, even me...speechless.

I am trying to maintain hope
But, my lifeboat is adrift.


livelymonkey said...

Diane... so glad the surgery is over. Sorry it’s slow going st this point but one day you’ll notice it doesn’t hurt anymore. I hoping to get my second one scheduled but Dr. is so booked up. I see him in July.
Terrible news about your Stephanie. I picture her as a young girl..... how old is she?
Hang in there!

Michele Bilyeu said...

Always thinking of you as I know all your regular readers are. If you don't hear from some of us always remember that we care and are sending you best thoughts and prayers. 💜