Friday, June 21, 2019

Blowing in and out just like the Weather.

The best time ever sharing scraps with Mary Lou and Linda.
Laughing, looking, touching and sharing.
Cheering the night..preparing the iron on cross-stitch for my grands.
on a linen table cloth of my grandma.

Today, I cried throughout physical therapy, but did it anyway.
I cried all through my post op check up with the Ortho PA
Especially when she said that the x-rays pf other two bad deterioration.
Ugh...4 down..2 to no no joint at a time!!!

The good news is that the four replacements are doing sooo well...
I am thrilled.  It is just the pain now...end of week three.
The PA thinks that my pain reflects all the crises in my life the past 6 years and
the 5 surgeries in the past 3 years...
  PTSD.....I just want to sleep

My son has learning differences...He is struggling figuring out his banking...
Today, he told the bank officer the humble truth...she helped him and took off the fines.
Honesty usually works.
He takes good care of me.  Of course that means that he cannot do the small jobs for people, that he wants to do...
Respite is in sight...I should be able to drive and go to the pool in two weeks.
Then he may be able to work some more...He is a great worker.

Memories....Emily kindergarten quilt for her teacher  30 some years ago
Eamon....pre-school  quilt for his teacher...30 some years ago

This would be me..took into the school... muslin squares with fabric pens
Each child drew his square for me to put together at home.
Amazing I had that energy once upon a time.

How do we define "energy"??
What in the world is that???

A big thank you for our Jackie for two you Jackie

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Cathy Cartledge said...

Nice Diane. There's no shame in crying and releasing pain and anguish and I appreciate the wisdom of your therapist. It was good to see you and Eamon too.