Monday, June 10, 2019

Day Ten...Still Kicking...Still Hurting......

Grandma O'Quilts resting in her big chair, with her walker and her book and her quilt
This quilt was embellished with embroidery from my grandmother's tea towels.
So cozy..
Below...our finished tailor hams.  Much prettier than those we could buy.
The front is Japanese linen/cotton blend, the back side is wool.
I had a few wool pieces left over from a quilter estate sale a few years ago.
As in the instructions...this is really an outside project...
OMG...the mess of the sawdust stuffing..
The wool side is for pressing with low heat
The cotton side for pressing with high heat..

This is the first sewing project I have been able to work on since my new knee...
and only because my girl is still here.
She is in a sewing group in Portland that is making clothes..
Lynsey helped Emily stuff them, I hand stitched them shut.
We love how they turned  out.

When I stop trying to take it easy, I hurt, I get dizzy and I get furious.
Then, I get emotional incontinence and cry...OMG
Everyone's favorite patient

The third day in the hospital post-op, the physical therapist bent my knee too far back
causing some seepage at the incision...It is very red, but not hot and no longer seeping.
The new PTs check it every time they come...
Of course...everyone's favorite patient has already catastrophized......

My children have taken the best care of me...I am so grateful.
Tomorrow morning, Emily leaves to go home.
I will be taking some of my favorite fabric...some Kaffe and Tula
and heading to bed with my hydrocodone..and ice..
Head under the pillow missing her so.
It is the leaving that is so hard....There is no one like my girl.

Back to obsessing...I keep reading the same articles online as to when this awful pain subsides..
Supposed to be 2 weeks....It will be 2 weeks this Friday...
Stay tuned..

I found another Maggie Hope mystery to calm myself..
Still holding tight to my friends...and...
barely to my sanity!!!


Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

A book and a cozy meaningful quilt - that's good comfort. Hope your pain subsides quickly. Does not sound like any fun whatsoever.

Cherie said...

Oh I do hope that your pain is going away now. It's miserable to be in pain and unable to do anything about it. Have a lovely restful weekend.