Friday, June 28, 2019

As the World Turns at my House

Sending love to a friend with her favorite  Kaffe.
Inside of the card.

How cool is this??  A scrap pocket for crutches!!

Sooo happy to see a picture of the quilt with dear Sterling
Thank you Caitlin!!! xo
This book of VFW costs $39.99
After one month wait at the library, it is mine for two weeks...Happy..
Stumbling down to breakfast with my sore knee, I found my seat occupied already.
Lynsey said that Samantha got there first!
Summer reading enthusiasm..
Remember Meadowland...?? 

I was all excited to do this with my daughter....looks like that will not happen.
As she is on to the making of clothes.
I am losing interest...I have four blocks made...this is the same designer of my mustard star.
The quilt is so big...Maybe I will just use these four and make a lap quilt...or
make 8 more for a smaller one..
Trying to decide.

Today is exactly 4 weeks with my new knee.
It is my best day ever.
 Around the house I no longer need my cane.

I did my PT..I took the darlings to the grocery store and I did not get dizzy.
We made waffles for dinner
We did an outside reading time.

The two children brought in all the groceries and put them away.
Then they wrapped Evan's presents..!!!!
It is a Happy Birthday to our Evan...He is now officially 14.
Party tomorrow.  Then they are off to the beach with their mother and family.
I am looking forward to a week free..
However,.the minute they leave, I miss them so.


Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

Cute blue and yellow baby quilt, with a cute baby! Hang in there with meadowlands - those are really nice blocks.

http://thankfullga447 said...

My knee pops in and out all the time, I think I might have to go through what you did!!