Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Turning Corners

Made with love for Sterling Masters...arrived..
Only in Portland....Rosie's first visit to a fabric store.
Dylan sewing....Lynsey was on my big machine...exploring,  when I had to set up
another machine so Dylan could sew too.
Lynsey wanted me to leave her alone to explore scraps and do her own thing..
Voila...This was the first time ever that I sat outside reading a book with two children alone on the sewing corner for sure.

Three weeks, four days...I am turning another corner after my knee surgery. TBTG
Thank you Linda for driving me to MQG last night.......way too much fun.

The presentation on color, was by the The Quilters Gallery Cindy Cline.

This quilt below shows a different way  of using up blocks you no longer like.
An awesome stack and wack using Kaffe fabric.
Below is a round robin....I think it is wonderful
Cindy with a few other friends...

Tonight I walked with my cane and Evan half way down my street.
I have not been able to do that in a year and a half.
Pain is mostly under control.
A miracle.
Thank you all for your vote of confidence.


Cherie said...

Those quilts are stunning.. So much skillful work. I do empathise with the poorly leg and hope it doesn't give you any more pain.

Connie said...

I love that these children are learning and loving to sew.
These quilts are wonderful, it is always fun seeing what others are making.
As for you getting out and walking . . . Bravo!
I am so proud of you . . . keep it up, dear friend.