Thursday, June 13, 2019

Just a Matter of Time

Just posting cuz I miss you all.
Just posting cuz I can.
Outside in the beautiful breeze..reading, and drinking H2O
My company...Stitch and Zoe
Gardenias from our bushes de Great Aunt Carl in Greenville, Alabama.
My daughter trying some new top patterns
An adorable label she found online...I want some of these too!!
Of course, if I ever finish anything..
The family picture of all pictures..
Emily, age 6...piano recital on stage at University of Miami.
Parent child duet.
This is when, in disgust with her father, my girl walked off the stage
because he played an extra note and embarrassed her...OMG
She will never out live this picture...
My girl still has no patience for a wrong or extra note!!!!

My news...I am still on Hydrocodone every 4 hours....but today, instead
of crying, I walked four times on 
the wheelchair ramp. It is easier for me to get up and to sit down.
Still in pain, but folks, you can now open your windows again.
My screaming is just a whisper!!!!!
I cannot leave the house or drive....but... am going to sew...

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