Saturday, March 17, 2012

cooking today

Well, my husband is down at the parade...the MC of all the Irish music groups playing today.  I was visiting my mother who had decided to get out of bed to go to the bathroom when she hasn't walked in 5 harm done..but scary since she was found on the floor.  So I came home, read a little of the Kindle in the back yard with the dog.  Then I decided to make more chicken broth for Mom and do it the Susan Branch way.  Mmmmmm  such a great smell in this house.

My husband announced that corn beef and cabbage was not real Irish and he never liked it anyway.

OK, But Marie said that cabbage was on sale for 4 heads for a $ and that corn beef was half price today.  She gave me an easy crockpot recipe..put it all in with season pack from corned beef, add carrots, onions, cabbage and bay leaves and cook for 6 or 7 hours in the crock pot.  So I decided to do it anyway, while he is at the parade.  Unfortunately, somehow along the way, I unplugged the crockpot and do not know for how long.  I just plugged it in again, and I think I will just guess and see what happens.  Too many things going on at once and brain still not working properly..hope it comes back some day.

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Karmen said...

Good luck on the crock pot; I did that once too. And shame on your husband for not embracing the Americanized way of celebrating St Pat's Day. I've gone vegetarian and would love to have a bit of corned beef! Karmen