Friday, March 9, 2012

Vintage blocks small quilt with a little help..done

We have had Zoey for three days now.. What do we know about her?  Well, she was adopted from the shelter with her sister 3 years ago.  She enjoyed, I think, a family for 3 years before they had to move and the two labs were then dropped back to the shelter.  The shelter saw them and realized how adoptable they were so they called Lucky Lab Rescue.  She was in foster care for a month before we got her.  So what else do we know??  Still finding out.  She can stay in a strange house with three old cats all night unrestrained.  There have been no cat/dog fights and no messes.  She does not beg at the table and she loves to be loved.  She does not fetch the ball, but she sits and stays.  She is so laid back that yesterday, she let a complete stranger at the assisted living, pick her up and put her on my mother's bed.  And from the below picture, she is evidently a quilt picture ham.  I no sooner put the quilt out for a photo, when herself got into her pose!!  She will keep me motivated I can see!
They say that free motion quilting is nothing but practice.  So, yesterday I took this basted quilt and went at it..Practice, not perfection!
 Evidently I like my own pictures because I just had to get the composing bins in the background.
Not only is the dog a rescue, but this quilt is too.  This quilt is one of two I made from purchased/ rescued vintage squares.  I really do not know what is best to do with this quilt.  It is baby size, but not really baby colors.  It could be on a wheelchair lap, but again, the colors are not that cheery.  Could it be a guy or a gal..either one?  Do not know.  I only know that it is done and I like it and so does my new buddy, Zoey.

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