Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A glorious day

Today is the day of all days!  It is stunning outside and happy inside.  I have finished sewing down the binding of this quilt...Thank you to my friend Terri Feehan for such a wonderful quilting job.

 Below is the better picture of these two quilts, but someone got in the way....I spent $1 a block for 15 vintage blocks and made these two quilts from them.  Such recycling fun!!
So I guess I have never really learned the old Southern expression, " Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you"!  For yesterday my mother got her hair done for the first time in a month and today I found her in the bistro with her volunteer, Tanya, chatting with her friends.  That she struggles with her swallowing has not seemed recently to interfere with her socialization.  Two nights ago as I fretted, my sister called with the news that she was in bed with wine in her sippy cup reading.  TBTG...a lovely day!


smazoochie said...

A very glorious day!

Rayna said...

Your mom is amazing! I can feel the good energy from here, despite everything. Wine - I love it!

Those two quilts are charming and happy.