Monday, March 5, 2012

Sewing again....TBTG

My sister and I have had constant anxiety this past week.  Mother is now bedridden with a catheter.  She is on Haldol which is working for confusion and various antibiotics for infections.  She is only eating my homemade chicken broth because she struggles swallowing due to nasty Parkinsons. (she did manage to get down some fudge!!)  She is clear minded and we have had some great laughs, but this is not quality of life...therefore the anxiety is that she will not make it the 8 weeks left to her 91st birthday and that she will continue to suffer.  The final straw for me was my husband injuring his back and in bed on muscle relaxers.  Today things looked up and I think I am back in the saddle. I worked a bit and was able to finally focus enough to sew these pink Guild blocks for quilts for women with breast cancer.  

 Who could be sad with this!!  Such joy...a joint birthday party..two candles on one end of the "cake monster" and three candles on the other end...and so life goes....the good and the bad and the sewing.


Taryn said...

Your little cake eaters are adorable. What a treat to see those little faces. I am sorry that you must go through the saddenss with your mother. I pray you are heartened by the memories you can share with her.

Anonymous said...

Two child was celebrate combined birthday.Two child look so cute and sweet.Such a enjoyment in birthday.

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Very Nice,,How sweet you are :)