Monday, March 12, 2012

Misc..not quilting perusings....

 I am a fanatic quilting blogger...just love to see what others do.  In the past year I have come about two blogs that I love and they are not quilting...OMG..One is inspirational...even though I know it, gotta hear it again once in awhile...that would be.Marc and Angel.  And then a gardening blog...the best of the best...that would be Melissa and her Empress of Dirt blog.

Now a small report on the bed end stage Parkinsons is no picnic.  She whispers now because vocal cords are not strong and she takes her meds crushed up in chocolate pudding because she struggles swallowing. And of course you have heard enough of the other bad stuff.  Today when I visited her she had had a nice bath and rub down by her Hospice aides, she had her retired Russian oncologist volunteer cleaning up her place and trying to make her drink.  Then two friend of a church showed up with a daughter who was a violinist in a junior symphony.  Next thing I knew, my mother was ordering Mediation from Thais...and the young girl was serenading her with the violin.  Life is still sweet:)


smazoochie said...

I love your quilt & that you made it when life is so hard for you & that it gave you pleasure!
I think your guild judges are small minded & stingy. I hope this show wasn't with your Modern Guild? Praise & encouragement, especially on such a small, local level costs no one anything!
Sending you peace of mind & heart as you attend your Mom's dark days.
p.s. Did I mention that I love your quilt?

KarenQuilt said...

What a lovely tribute to your mother. My father died of complications of Parkinson disease in 2007. We lived across country from one another and he had a 2nd and younger family to care for him so he was well cared for. I was so very grateful for that fact. Blessings on you both.