Friday, February 12, 2016

Do What You Like and Like What You Do!!

Enjoying self tonight washing/folding some of my new scraps.
Check out my Valentine flowers from my widow group peeps.
Larger scraps folded nicely.
Usually I do not wash smaller pieces...however considering where they had been...
decided to put them in net baggies to give them a cleaning up in the washing machine.
 Drying on the kitchen counter. This is half of my scraps.  The other half is in the wash.
So Pick and Pay scraps at Faust are $2.50 a pound.  All my stuff came to $17.50.
Can you believe it??..Really... A movie out with popcorn and a drink wouldn't touch the fun 
I have already had with these scraps!!!
Mind racing to all the new projects to begin.
Cousin Olivia turns 4 soon...O stands for Olivia and O stands for owl.
O does not stand for My Little Pony...but you cannot win it all.
On my birthday, someone in the restaurant gave me her seat.  I cannot sit in a booth and there were no more tables available...the place was packed.
My daughter was taking me out to dinner.
The lady moved to the booth.  It was sooo nice.
 Found out that she knew me from the J where the children go to summer camp.  I took fabric that the children had dyed at camp last summer and made her a thank you potholder...
Another angel..the school principal...She had to have a bus one!!
Who was it that said that you never know which day will be your last??..
And that who wants to spend their last
Tonight was a great night doing just what I like!


ES said...


http://thankfullga447 said...

I love my scraps, if I get a panic attack I have to work with fabric and it calms me down.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Cleaning can be fun sometimes, especially if it's playing with fabric. Folding and ironing can be just the thing one needs to do sometimes. Your pot holders are perfect for letting people know they are special :)