Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Mighty Full Day

Tying number two of my Dear Man's shirt quilts.
Number one was quilted for my daughter as a Christmas gift.
This one was tied for me.  Wool batting in both.
Thank you Cousin Ann.
 Sherry's divided four patch process.
I took a pix of Muggs reversible beach place mats and deleted it by mistake.
Forgive me Muggs....Oh, Please.
 Jean helped me open my new $10 machine..a Universal I see..
Sherry unscrewed the knee pedal and put it into foot pedal mode.
Works well...just needs a bit of oil..
 Guess 1978 is Vintage mode...check out the pedal!!
And of course, we ARE in the Carolinas!!
 Muggs made tonight a Super Bowl Quilting Party.
Games and

Such a busy day that I would not have had the energy for even just last week.
TBTG it is February!
I was just in the dermatologist two weeks ago...Had another new spot taken off this morning.

School principal called with Dylan in her office.  He talked too much in class.
Lunch with a friend was not enough excitement for this old lady...
But, that I was just starting to chill when the school called, again....

The very same five year old Dylan had been running in school...
Running..right into a poll...Off we went to the Urgent Care.
Split that little head right open.

School personnel came with us.
Two hours and five stitches later...we leave.....
I have pictures, but they are pretty awful.

My sweet daughter met me at the restaurant to take Dylan home.
so I could enjoy a lovely dinner hour with my new widow friends.
Home just in time for IQ quilting and the tying of my quilt.

I did all this???
God only knows how.
So grateful
Some of my old self back...OMG...Can you believe it????
My Dear Man and my Old Ma...
How proud are you of me? !


Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Wow I'm tired just reading about your busy day. Please don't over do it though. Save something for sewing. Although I'm not a fan of the something and steel fabrics I've seen, your blocks look great. I hope grandson is now feeling much better.

Michele Bilyeu said...

Terrible happenings but you made it to the other end to begin again. Proud of you!!!