Friday, February 19, 2016

Fit to be Tied

A mouse in the house.?
Mice are nice, say the children.
Let's take a video of him....Grandma!
Today, mean Grandma called Orkin instead.. in Done...just need the label and
I did not listen to my man tonight...I did not sew until 10 pm
Only then could I relax and see the light.
His shirts to comfort me, filled with wool batting.
Tied by my friends...with love.
I have had a hard time quilting wool.
I prefer the tied look.
Tomorrow you will find me snuggled in.

Here we go again....the waves...a dance?
It is my dance now as I navigate grief and try to survive...
And so it goes with my only brother who lives in NJ in a rented van with his wife and 16 cats.  Thank God he was just able to get insurance.
 He has cellulitis in his foot and an ulcerated back.
All from being homeless.
Working four part-time jobs together they cannot afford a place to live.
They are in their 60s.
I want to throw up.
My only sister has two adult children who struggle, one with a touch of spina bifida. She now needs a gall bladder removal..Alexis needs insurance to get her operation.
My sister works all night two jobs to pay her rent.
I feel dizzy.
My only son is still in jail.
I struggle..

Looking for help there, is like looking for bread in the hardware store..
I do forget that sometimes.
My only daughter and her man are on the NW coast looking at places to live.

My image of my only self is one of being on top of my game..not at the bottom!!.

Where is 28, 38, 48, and 58, when I need it most???
At 68 with two broken knees and a broken heart, I am not at all in an accepting mood..
It is an eventide...not a morning song.

Thank goodness for all my dogs.
Thankful for my friends
Thankful for you all.
Look for the Light


MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Diane. Just wanted to say thank you for stopping by and giving moral support. It is so appreciated. The good will of the blogging community has lifted the depression into which we were sinking. We are now able to keep on battling. Hopefully I'll be in Paris soon and my husband will be healed. You are in my prayers also. best, nadia

m. said...

Your quilt is beautiful. Nothing like a quilt made of special pieces, especially pieces that represent someone dear to us. My heart goes out to you. I am sorry for your brother' and sister's needs. How hard it is to watch as loved ones struggle, and we can't fix them. So thankful you have your sweet, growing grands to bring some extra joy! Your previous post about your sweet granddaughter turning 7 is precious! Now, go enjoy that newly tied quilt!!

Rachaeldaisy said...

A beautiful quilt full of love!! Sending you hugs.

Unknown said...

Amazing post.

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

I love your tied quilt, it is something I would like to try. Perhaps on a small quilt first. You must feel as though there is not enough of you to go round. Please take care of yourself as well.

smazoochie said...

So many heavy crosses to bear. The world today can be such a bitter place.
You, my dear, mustn't try to carry all of them yourself. Hard to do for a loving & caring person like yourself. You are always in my heart.