Monday, February 22, 2016


Kabloom....I cannot focus...I cannot create...I do not sew...
I just walk around..Kabloom!!
 I had to get a new camera after I was robbed..I do not have the brain to figure it out...grrr
Kabloom is turquoise not red...OMG

Marie, do you remember when you gave this to me 35 years ago?????  lol
It is synthetic and at the time that was a no-no!
But, you my friend were ahead of your time.
I am going to make a  lunch bag for myself with rip-stop lining.

Do you all think that  maybe this??  has anything to do with my lack of energy?
The three of them were sick for 6 hours into the episodes, they slept.
But, Grandma did not..
They took turns calling for Grandma to STOP the vomit..OMG.
Now, Missy (getting better) says she cannot stay in her bed because 
her I-Pad is out of juice and has to be plugged in.
The new generation of 7 year olds.

She explains that Aunt Emily removed U-tube from her I-pad mini before leaving for Seattle.
Lynsey tells me that all her favorite baking channels were on U-tube.
Then...Oh, then...she says:  Look Grandma...I Googled and found a new site.
I am learning a lot.  You should try this..they teach quilting too.


ES said...

with the three of them being sick - I bet you are exhausted. I hope you don't get the bug too :( xx

ES said...

ps I had my tuesday craft club today (i go every week), and Fyn screamed all the way there in the car and when I got there I cried!! omg! I felt like a silly billy, but all the women made me feel better!!!

Teresa said...

WE are calling that the Valentine Virus around here. It got so bad that nearly every child in church was sick Valentine weekend. The children's choir was supposed to sing, but only three children were able to come to church.

smazoochie said...

Exhaustion will keep you from anything. I hope your precautions will mean you won't catch It.
How is it possible that those three can, at once, make you old and keep you young?

Karen said...

I can see why you are exhausted. First from being the sole caregiver for your grands and then from worrying about your siblings. You must feel like you era the one who has to handle everything and at the same time having no one to turn to for help. Thank God for friends. Definitely one day at a time. You are giving your grands a wonderful, secure life that has an unfathomable value.

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

I hope things have settled down again after the up chucking night. I like the fabric for the lunch box. Will you put some insulation in as well? My new insulated lunch bag(a present) has owls on it but is quite small.