Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Sun Also Rises

The morning light.
Every morning, once the children are on their school bus, I look out my sewing room window.
The dawn is coming...
The sun, the clouds, the rain, the bottle tree.
Early colors uplift me.
Today, there was a big fat red cardinal in the tree.
He said that it would be a good day.  xxoo.  And, so it was..
Then I sneak off to bed again...
Lucky me...I get both!

My quilting peeps said go..get out of the house.
I said NO...My fire was so cozy, arthritis hurt, feeling blue..
Friends and fabric called...again..
Faust in Kings and love...
Pick and Pay bag from that big adorable mound of scraps... by the pound..
I stayed so long with the piles that they almost had to carry me out of there!!!
Next time I am going to bring one of those long grippers to grab from the middle.

The bargains, below....$3..a yard...OMG
And...Insule-brite for $1.80 a yard not know if $7.50 was a deal here, but I got some Denyse anyway..
Always need lunch
She has been there before...the grief thing.
She says nothing eases up until after all the firsts..
Craziness abounding is normal.
She is a fellow traveler.
I do not know many of them.

1.  Katie, thank you so much for your upcoming birthday.
Because of you, I got sewing.
Your present became my present, with the rise of excitement for the project.

2.  Joy...with an e...I do not have your email address.
Thank you for your kind comment.
I am sad for your loss.

3.  Then, there is our Bea...with a poignant post
Cheering you on Bea...sending love.

Thank you my dear friends for pushing me out the door....on to better things.
I am grateful


Ellen Guerrant said...

I am SO glad you got to go fabric diving! And lunch out with dear friends. Sending hugs.


smazoochie said...

I'm so in love with your in-real-life crowd, they know you & know what will ease your pain, if only for a bit.
You may not realize the good you are doing with your blog, documenting your journey through grief, showing to us that we are not alone. Grief is the Human Condition.

ES said...

That room with those huge containers of scraps!!! I've never seen anything like it before!! I want to climb into one of those boxes and dig down to the bottom!!!!

Rhonda said...

Your blog is wonderful. I wish I had this kind of outlet years ago when I lost my DH to cancer. As someone said, the firsts are the hardest & most times the seconds & thirds but slowly but surely we start to remember more & more things that bring smiles & chuckles & belly rolls to mind. Warm thoughts, I'm sending your way!