Sunday, December 4, 2016

Bringing in the hay, caring for the sheep

The children's mother came tonight to relieve Stephanie.
They all had great fun making a big cookie in the snowman pan,
 that I had found at the craft store.

My lovely vacation is worth  Stephanie's wage.
Tomorrow starts again at 6:30 with the buses, etc..Then a school meeting at noon.
I must advocate for my darlings, you know.
AD/HD is tough to handle both at school and at home.
I try always to keep in mind that it is toughest for the child.
In adolescence, I remember telling my son to be sure to use birth control
 because I was not raising another AD/HD kid...
Ha ha..joke on me. Both grand boys have it.

My girl is in Bangkok:  First day a sightseeing boat.
It took them 12 hours to go to Beijing from LAX.
Five more hours to Bangkok.
Lovely to be young.

Just to explain yesterday's post.
My Hospice therapist is really my Hospice bereavement counselor.
Hospice offers counseling services after loved ones die.
eg, my husband and my mother.
I asked for buy one/ get one free at the funeral home...but no dice!

Back to tonight.
I have never been much for football...but I see that Boo is quite charmed...
He even tried to do an interception at some point!!
During the cyber Monday, Tuesday, etc time
I was nuts with stress and grief....and we all know that that means, chocolate, red wine and online fabric sales.  Here is a lot that I never, ever would have considered if the sale had not been so good.
I will now be challenged to create with my Civil War fabric and these New Age Muslins..
 Guess what kind of beverage sits in Great Grandma's Santa cup??
Vino tinto, of course.

My girl and her man ordered two new....cough...refurbished computers for us.
It was genius.  Now all three children do their homework online.
I am amazed at what the 6 and 7 year old are required to do..but, they know and they do.
I am having a hard time figuring out Windows 10...but already the pictures are so much better.

When I let a few depressing days go without posting, I get a number of emails asking if I am ok.
I am grateful for friends who care.

Now the Sunday epiphany:
 I cry that my love is not here to care and share and love with I age, etc.
I realized that I was able to give him a wonderful gift.
I was able to be with and care for him as he suffered and died.
Grief is so self-absorbed.
I would have chosen to care for him first... if I had thought about it.
 I am so glad to be thinking about it now.
I am grateful.
I know that I will be ok.
Time to Say Goodbye


Rachaeldaisy said...

I love that giant snowman cookie!! I bet it tasted as good as it looked. You're doing so well Diane, taking each day as it comes.

ES said...

The Ad/hd must be tough on you all xx

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Diane. I see that you are slogging through it all and that you are able to count your blessings despite everything. Wishing you a happy holiday season. I hope 2017 will be kinder for you...I'm certainly glad 2016 is over with! best, nadia