Friday, December 2, 2016

The Quilt Top of many Orphans and many Years...

Not finished but I had to show you that I was sewing.
Many, many years of collecting and making and scraping about.....
Tomorrow,one more border and a few excited to be so close to done.
Santa's list:
Talking to 6 year old Dylan this morning.
What did you ask  Santa for Christmas this year?
Dylan.:" I am soon going to be 7, So I want grown up things.".

I want :
$50, 000
A monkey....a real one.
A new dog...a real one.
A monster truck...a real one.
A phone..a real one..

Lynsey will be soon 8.
She wants another big dollhouse so she can have a neighborhood.
Oh, my ...says old Grandma....Oh, my...

The Poor Little Tree
Our tree will be decorated differently this year.
It will have 8 bent bottom branches.
Bright Christmas lights.
And Stitch and Boo
That is all...and that is enough.!!!!

A sad and crabby morning sleeping.
A delightful and fun afternoon...out and about.
This morning, I was not going to celebrate Christmas.
This afternoon, after lunch out with friends,
 I wandered about World Market.
I bought the gingerbread cookies that are just like the ones my grandmother
used to make.
I sat in one of their chairs to try it out.
Another lady sat in the one next to me.
Ha ha...we made friends in World Market.
I took my sister to work.
I felt alive again, getting happy for Christmas with the children.
xxoo to my patient, listening as my world goes around.....


Julie said...

I smiled the whole way through your post. I have days like that where I have to talk myself into being happy about something. It's all in the perspective most times like you seeing it through your Littles in your life. Or the cats. Love seeing them take over the tree! I think you made another friend on the Internet today, too.

m. said...

What a delightful post! And I love that Christmas tree quilt. Those zigzag borders just make it sing!

Karaquilts said...

I just love your visits ~ ~ the reality of things that hurt and are hard, and the surprise moments of new friends and quilts that sing. And that is the stuff of most of our lives. May the joy of kittens and children, quilts and friends continue to bless and restore you!

Rachaeldaisy said...

I'm laughing after reading Dylans list because I was just saying to Mr Daisy that I want a monkey. Maybe they're the in thing. Your Christmas tree is beautiful , such a pretty colour and lit up with pretty lights.