Saturday, December 3, 2016

Oh...Happy Day....

A very good day..
This morning...My wonderful Hospice therapist came...
putting me through the paces...
Then lunch out with dear MP
Back home to nap and sew.
Look at my progress....This weekend,
I will put decorations on the trees and after many  years, it is so done.
 Pieces here are quite old...pieces from here and there..
Look at these Santas from forever ago.
I have a fabric stash that spans 50 years.
This green is new..but not so new that I do not remember it from my 20's.
With a long time collection, one can really see the hues of greens.
They change every year.
Without a collection, sometimes  you just cannot find the right green!!
 As my moods change, I decide different things about Christmas.
Today, I got these LED light trees at Michaels with my 50% off coupons.
Two days...two trees.
So easy to put up and so safe from the the trees are outside.
 Fourth year of my  Christmas cactus that I keep outside under the bench for the year.
Then...the freeze comes and inside they come to bloom for the season. 
My new jacket...Ha ha...a shirt I would never wear, makes a funky jacket for old me.
Just a bit of zigzag down the middle with a slice de rotary cutter and voila.
This eccentric dresses way cool!!
 Sherry's bday present....Sherry loves Disney ...
Flannel pillowcases.
How could I resist???
Happy Birthday Sherry
I am so so so grateful for my friends.
Now, why am I up at 12:48 am????
Because I can.. I so need R and R..
 I am spending big bucks to hire Stephanie for the weekend.
She is coming at 8 am for the children
And old tired Grandma will sleep  Sigh...such a gift.
I just hate getting up at 6:30 for the two school buses.
Sleep tomorrow...wonderful!! I cannot wait...

PS...just heard from my wandering girl.
She is on the Air China flight to Beijing transiting to Bangkok for her honeymoon with her love.
Missing her so much.
So proud and happy for her.


Gale said...

Hey - I am confused about your Hospice nurse visiting? Did I miss something. As I drove home last Sunday from Richmond for Thanksgiving to Atlanta I thought about you while making my way through Charlotte. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving. We do the best we can and that is enough.

Mary said...

Good for you! I think hiring Stephanie for the weekend was a great idea.

ES said...

The schools must start really early in your neck of the woods! No way could I get up at 6:30!! Ours start at 9:00, but my oldest doesn't start at school until Jan, we're just going into the summer holidays here! :)