Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Holiday Begins...

The first cheer of the season is from our dear Eithne...
Fine, off...Sorry Eithne..
 The holiday outfit for Lynsey's doll.
.Can you believe the work, the knitting, the pleated skirt.
The little snowman pin, the gloves, the bow...
xxxxoooo Eithne!!
 The slap happy mantel decoration..wreath from Guatemala
and, lights from IKEA  
With three children and three cats...LED lighting is the safer approach.
My birthday was the17th.
It was hard.
My love was no where to be found.
I have had emails galore, texts, cards and three birthday parties
Saturday night a beautiful Christmas party.
The core problem was still there.
Grief has a will of its own.
Thank you..Stephanie for cheering my day with a lovely cake...
and three darlings singing the birthday song
Love lifts me up..
 A big thanks for all the support and parties from my Wednesday night group 
and the emails and cards and wishes from everyone.
MP knitted the washcloth in my kitchen colors..
 My Winey Widows quilting group gave me fat quarters, friendship
and a lovely dinner.
Holiday grief ...wham...Uncontrollable.
How can I cry so??
How can I be so sad??
Look what I have to make me happy!!
 So proud to share the holidays with the kids...
They are thriving.

Gratitude...and love...
Six year old Dylan receives his black belt...yeah!!!
Catching up with his siblings...
It is hard to be the third child.
..His aunts could not come, His mother could not come.
I am not sure he minded...
He was happy with Ms Stephanie, Grandma, his siblings and the $5 I gave him in pride.
My DIL rides another roller coaster of grief and addiction.
The holidays make things worse.
So I guess I will have a new SIL even though my DIL of 12 years is not really
my DIL and my own son is still in the woods, homeless on Heroin.
It gets so complicated. I try to remember Vicktor Frankl
I try to remember gratitude.
I try to remember that I am not in control of anything but myself...
And hardly that even..It is true that I do not post when I am in despair.
No school tomorrow...all the I-pads are plugged in.
And I am sleeping in...Yeah!!
And so the holidays start..

Joy (e) with an e....please email me  your we can


myrtovl said...

Merry Christmas Diane, to you and your three adorable grandchildren!

Joye with an e said...

Hey Diane,
Saw your message to me. My email is
Hope you are doing better. I delivered a memory quilt yesterday to a woman who lost her only child, a daughter age 32, in January. She has been having an awful time with her grief but I think the quilt made of T-shirts and other blouses brought her some comfort. I have been missing my father, too, but have been comforted by memories and knowing that he is no longer sick. Grief is indeed a strange journey and so different for everyone.

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

I wish I had words of comfort for you but you are doing all you can to give your grand children a safe happy Christmas. I wish you and your family a peaceful, healthy Christmas. Congrats to the black belt!